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 Once upon a time, an idea was born to create shoes for babies and toddlers.  And certainly not because there weren't already a slew of cute shoes out there.  Cute shoes yes, but just not what we had in mind.  
     JEMOS sprouted up in 2008, designed entirely by us ~ a brother/sister duo wanting to make a different kind of shoe for a different kind of customer.  We design the line ourselves, recruit our incredibly talented graphic artist friends to help, partner with local talent for other business projects, and occasionally have our own parents help unload boxes or do quality control inventory with us.  And we sweep our own floors.  And take out the recycling.  I guess you could say, we're really a friends and family business.  
     We are a pretty ordinary family run company, doing something we extraordinarily love doing. We wanted to create a shoe company that was dedicated to being green as much as we knew how. Kermit was right when he said "It aint' easy being green."  Most of us live in a disposable world.  So off we went...
     Fast forward two plus years of research, thoroughly inspecting mountains of eco-leather samples, and a few across the globe trips to learn more about making eco-friendly shoes - and finding out how to make them using our crazy high standards! - we launched our line in 2008 with just four styles. Since then, our line of footwear has been featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Tot Trends Weekly, Celebrity Baby Blog, People.com, M Magazine, Kansas City Parent, numerous kids fashion industry trade publications, and countless blogs and "green" parenting forums.  Our soft-soled moccasin style shoes are made from eco-friendly leather remnants from leather manufacturers.  The leather pieces are new...and now refurbished into these cute shoes!
     We really appreciate you being here. Whether you stumbled upon us by shear accident, or if you were referred to us by any of our amazingly loyal customers.  Either way, you're here, so we invite you to take a peek!  And see how adorable, fun, fashionable and downright comfortable eco-friendly footwear can be for your sweet kiddo.
     Follow us on Facebook, tweet about us, instagram away...or share our page with a near and dear friend.  We don't advertise in fancy magazines or pay for any special "seal of approval" logos that cost tens of thousands of dollars to tack onto our product line. We instead prefer to keep our prices and shipping reasonable, to make eco-friendly footwear affordable for our customers!

Tonie & Tracy

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